Welcome to the South Island of New Zealand, home of the Deep South Ice Cream company for

over 20 years. Based in the foothills of the Southern Alps, where fertile plains are kept green by melting snow coursing through glacial crevasses. This is how it has always been in this part of

the country and this is where the milk for our ice-cream comes from.

Deep South Ice Cream embodies the spirit of the South - no airs or graces, just good

old-fashioned pure ingredients brought together to make delicious rich and

creamy ice cream.



Past the great Lakes of New Zealand's South Island, in the shadow of the Alps, lies some of the richest dairy farming country in the world.


Snow-fed rivers, clean air, sunshine and year-round grazing on the open, rolling pastures that New Zealand is famous for, give our cows the ability to produce the world-class milk and dairy products that go into some of the best ice cream you will ever taste, anywhere.




Established in 1978, today Deep South continues to carry on making ice cream from their award winning traditional recipe.


These recipes contain only premium ingredients, which are all sourced, where possible from the South Island.